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How to operate BGA rework station to repair BGA?

How to operate BGA rework station to repair BGA?


1.The preparation before desoldering BGA Setting the temperature range on the touch screen,

the highest point of lead-free temperature is set to be 255 as well(can be adjusted depending

on the actual situation). Fixing PCB boards with universal support frame, and choosing the

suitable nozzle to align BGA chip, the distance between nozzle and PCB board is 2-3mm.


2.sealing-off Press the start button, waiting the temperature rises to the set temperature, when the

temperature is quickly reached the top ten seconds, BGA rework station will give off alarm song,

then you can prepare to seal-off. You can take down the BGA component by the vacuum attaching

pen after 2 seconds when the temperature reaches the set temperature, then the original solder ball

can distribute on the PCB and BGA bonding pad uniformly, it’s convenient for subsequent BGA soldering.


3.BGA and PCB cleaning. Use the water for cleaning panel with high-purity to clean PCB bonding pad,

adopt the ultrasonic cleaner(with the anti-static equipment) to encase water for cleaning panel, then

cleaning the BGA been taken down.


4.reballing BGA chips You should use the plant table and universal steel mesh, and BGA rework station.

Using the plant table and universal steel mesh to reballing bga chips, it’s very convenient.

After reballing bga chips, put it on the BGA rework station to heat for a few minutes, then recooling,

then finish reballing BGA chips.


5.soldering BGA chips Spread darker solder paste slightly on the BGA solder ball and PCB bonding

pad(need solder paste with high-purity, the activity rosin can be added to the analytically pure alcohol

to dissolution), and find the original mark to put BGA. You can splice and positioning BGA during soldering,

prevent BGA from blowing away by hot air, but can’t give so much soldering paste , otherwise, when heating,

it will produce much bubbles make the chip shift because of rosin.


We tell that how to operate BGA rework station to repair BGA chip, it’s very simple and convenient.

As a novice, you also can operate BGA rework station easily.

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