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BGA station choosing

Tiny electronic components are more and more used,such as BGA,QFP、QFN、SOP、PLCC、PGA、LGA.
Defects are caused by many reasons during soldering SMD components as empty soldering, short circuit
and others, so repair is necessary.rework stations become good helpers for operators.


have series of product,arrange from BGA station to LED repair machine.
Main differences of rework stations are heat source and heat mode; some are only top heater and some
are top and bottom heater.Considering protecting components, the top and bottom both heating are
better.To avoid  PCB to deformation, Bottom IR preheating  function in the bga rework system is better.

Our BGA rework station and SMD rework station are both hot air heating and infrared preheating,suitable
for all kind chip,protect the motherboard well during soldering and desoldering.

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