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BGA rework station Introduction

BGA rework station Introduction


Average gross structures rework station

Base + heater ( upper and lower parts ) + PCB fixing mechanism for digital devices + Devices + pickup + PC display  


Rework station types

By heating generally divided into : two temperature zones : IR ( hot air ) rework station : up and down the whole infrared, the hot air infrared 


Hot air rework station : three temperature zones : the upper and lower hot air preheat dark outside surface . Rework station operation


Demolition : Set rework station heating temperature , will be moved to repair the PCBA BGA rework station heating position , the temperature reaches the melting point of the solder using a vacuum suction pen to pick up BGA.


Bumping : electric iron on the tin slag processing BGA clean, evenly coated with flux, then load the corresponding fixture stencil , solder balls down the network board, to ensure that every spot on the BGA has solder balls , and finally stick with BGA solder balls move again heating rework station heating position until the ball is completely melted and the BGA solder connection , freezing to OK.


Placement, reflow : Clean the pads on the PCB cleanup and coated with a layer of flux, the use of digital systems will rework station PCB and BGA solder ball alignment operation mount rework station BGA, will mount BGA after good move the PCB rework station heating position at a predetermined temperature profile after the completion of the heating BGA rework .


BGA rework station uses BGA rework station is widely used in various electronic factories, mainly used in the production process rework process problems detected a defective or damaged parts , reducing production costs under the premise of quality control . Simply put , BGA rework can be divided into : Demolition and welding. Mainly used in computers and other appliances chip repair .


Three temperature zones rework station : the three heating temperature zones were heated by the upper, lower heat , preheat station components. Were controlled by the corresponding temperature control instrumentation . Upon heating, the hot air from the top and bottom of the chip needs to be soldered to the main heating BGA preheating station for heating the PCB , in the BGA chip reaches the melting point of the theoretical temperature of the PCB should be heated to 80-110 ° , in order to ensure heat PCB evenly to prevent deformation.


Two temperature zones rework station : the upper zone and lower zone composed of dark external heating techniques are used , up and down independent temperature control , heating is dark outside sided heating for soldering, desoldering or rework each BGA kinds of PCB board , PBGA, CSP and other package components , lead / lead-free solder can be applied.

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