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A Best and More Economical BGA Rework Station

A Best and More Economical BGA Rework Station


As we all know that BGA machines and BGA rework Station are the best suitable machines for all kinds of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Reworking. Now I am here to tell you about another and most economical reworking station and it is Jetronix ECO but before writing about this machine let’s discuss what is BGA and why it is more useful machine in the world. BGA (ball grid array) devices are used with the expertise and particular tools. It is the most improved technology preventing the PCB from overheating results in no damage but other devices are risky for this purpose. Now Jetronix ECO is a new BGA Rework Station and economical that’s why it is best for the peoples who want the best reworking station at minimum price with improved technology. 


Jetronix ECO is a BGA machine with great features of the big preheating area, saving a maximum of 50 profiles, built in feature of flexible thermocouple and light source and is applicable in a large variety of application fields and I am sure it is the ever best option for you to save your money and time and at the BGA plate form it is the best and the most effective rework station and have all the required rights in your repair and rework mission at the same time.


Also it is a powerful machine and its maximum heating power is 3200watt with a PID temperature control based on microprocessor having three heating zones with reflow zone, inner and outer preheating zone and a close loop heating environment. It has a large preheating area up to245*245mm and three stages for full process control also a separate preheating stage uniform preheat. Upper heater can move up and down, Back and front, right and left. Two channels thermocouple real time temperature reading in which one is optional. It has a Built in LED light source having the powerful pickup tool up to 150gm lifting power. It also has a Graphical wide screen LCD and Convenient workspace safety alarm function to protect PCB or application damage. This the best suitable BGA machine for those who have less amount to spend for a high quality BGA rework station.

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