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Lybga is another Best Reworking BGA Machine

Lybga is another Best Reworking BGA Machine


Lybga is world’s number one supplier of BGA machines and accessories used to rework and reballing

of PCB (Printed circuit board) used in computer, laptop, notebook, XBOX-360, Mobile phones,

digital camera, MP4 /5, routers and CPU socket. This is the best worldwide supplier and delivering

the best quality machines in the whole world with the minimum cost and no shipment charges.

I am here to tell you about another best BGA machine with the name of LeiKe BGA are also used

for the reballing and reworking of PBC of computer, laptop, notebook, XBOX-360, Mobile phones,

digital camera, MP4 /5, routers and CPU socket it can rework a variety of slots too.

Below is the detail of this machine.


This machine has been equipped with the optical alignment BGA system and a high performance

BGA rework station, PCB pad and the BGA pins make images on the HD industrial CCD at the same time and

can observe the process of positioning via a monitor. This machine is a rework station designed for the repairing

of PCB (printed Circuit Board) e.g. Computer, notebook, XBOX-360, Mobile phones, digital camera, MP4 /5, routers,

also can rework CPU socket. A few features of these machines are.


This rework station can use to rework double layer BGA chip and after heating solder will not come out of

this double layer BGA chip. It can rework CPU socket and a variety of slots also this can store 10 temperatures

curves each curve can divide into eight heating and eight constant and while using you can expand it to unlimited

s per requirement also recommended is the most simple and most reliable temperature curve that is only one

heating and one constant. It is made with the precise temperature controller and only 1 degree temperature error value.

This is designed to be one infrared heating and two hot air heating also top part and the middle of the bottom part are

hot-air heating methods and the bottom part is infrared, it can heat the PCB to prevent deformation this all takes about

two to four minutes Desoldering a chip from the top heating head can move freely, back and forth, left and right, up and

down, rotation, the fixture of the PCB is truly very good and a complex structure PCB can place on it horizontally and steadily.

It has been assembled a powerful horizontal fan and PCB can be quickly cooled, It has a sound alarm with an assembled

vacuum suction pen, and the suction pen can take off BGA chips and Infrared heating components can be individually controlled.

It is a Leike Hot Air 3 Stage and Industrial Design, Unique Spike PCB Support System.




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