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How to Desolder Electronics

How to Desolder Electronics


Troubleshooting and repair of printed circuit boards, as well as soldered connections in other electronic equipment,

require not only specific techniques, but speciality tools. To replace electronic components from a printed circuit

board (PCB), you must first remove the solder from the faulty or suspect electronic part to facilitate repair.

Do this by using desoldering braid and a soldering iron to remove solder beads from component connections.




1.Pre-heat the soldering iron to the minimum temperature necessary that will just begin to melt solder from the

component connections to be removed.


2.Select a desoldering braid approximately the same width as the solder bead to be removed.


3.Place the desoldering braid directly on top of the solder bead and place the heated soldering iron on top of the braid.

The heat from the iron will melt the solder away from the connection and draw it into the desoldering braid.


4.Trim off the solder-loaded portion of the desoldering braid and continue removing solder beads as needed to complete

removal of electronic components.


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