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How to Remove a BGA Chip

How to Remove a BGA Chip


Ball grid array (BGA) chips became popular because of their simple and efficient installation and removal

procedures as well as reliability while integrated to circuit boards. Since the balls of a BGA chip sit below it,

it takes up less space on the circuit board than PLCC chips, which have pins that sit on each side of the chip.

Since BGA chips have a sensitivity to temperature, you must heat the chip rather slowly before removing it

from its circuit board.




1.Splash the BGA chip you want to remove with soldering solution by placing the eye dropper at a 45 degree

angle under one of the chip's edges.


2.Set your chip extraction machine's temperature to 218 degrees Celsius and set its timer to zero. Press "INDEX"

twice on your heater and set the temperature as you wish with the "UP" and "DOWN" keys on the device.

Press "ENTER" and "DOWN" simultaneously on the device to set the timer to zero.


3.Put a nozzle about a couple of millimetres larger than the chip you want to extract on your chip extraction machine.


4.Press the foot pedal on your machine to begin the heating process. Turn on the vacuum pump to begin making the

machine pull on the chip. After about 40 seconds to a minute, you may notice the vacuum pump lifting off the circuit

board with the chip. Wait until the temperature indicator reads 149 degrees Celsius before doing anything else.


5.Remove the chip from your extraction machine using an IC extraction tool. Use the tool like you would use a pair of

tweezers. Don't forget to turn off the vacuum pump before removing the chip.

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