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Removal Tools for IC Chips

Removal Tools for IC Chips


An IC chip is a tiny circuit used in computer cards and other electronics. A broken or damaged chip can be replaced,

but it requires patience and a good set of tools. The tools required for a proper IC chip removal are not uncommon

and can be found in any hardware store.




In order to remove the broken card from the computer, you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver. Some people have

reported success with using a flathead screwdriver to pop off IC chips from the surrounding card. While it may work

for some, this method is generally not recommended, as it risks further damage to the card.


Soldering Iron


A soldering iron is a tool commonly used to join two electronic components together by applying a hot metallic alloy.

IC chips are already soldered to the card. Though it may seem counterproductive at first, the best way to remove

a chip is to solder it again. Applying new solder will melt the old solder, making it easy to remove before it dries again.


Solder Pump


This specialised hand tool operates much like a vacuum cleaner. It features a narrow, hollow tip that sucks up anything

near it on command. Once the solder has been melted, the solder pump can quickly remove it from the chip.

Getting all of the solder sucked into the pump may take several tries.


Needle-Nose Pliers


Most IC chips will easily pop off after the solder has been removed. Some, however, may show a bit more resistance.

While some prefer to tug the chips off by hand, a small pair of needle-nose pliers will help you to get a more secure grip.

This also will help to prevent getting dirt or skin oil onto the card.




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