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What is a chip extraction tool?

What is a chip extraction tool?


You use a chip extraction tool to remove microchips from a computer circuit board. Grip the edges of the chip with

the tool and lift it to disengage the chip's pins from its socket.




Use a chip extraction tool to replace an existing processor chip with a newer model; you can use it to remove memory

chips that have gone bad or need to be upgraded. It is also a helpful tool to extract ROM or BIOS chips that no longer

work or have been infected with a virus.




Pullers on chip extraction tools prevent the scratching or breaking that may occur when microchips are removed in other ways,

such as if a user pries the microchip loose with a screwdriver. The antistatic material used in some chip extraction tools reduces

the possibility of electrical damage. Spring-assisted handles on some tools avoid the need to pull on a chip.




General purpose chip extraction tools work with all microchips. Other tools work with specific types and sizes of chips,

or with chips that have a certain number of pins. A specially-designed chip extraction tool has been patented by

the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.




You can purchase chip extraction tools separately, or save money by purchasing them as part of a tool set. Microchip manufacturers

such as Intel supply chip extraction tools to customers who need them for work specified by the manufacturer.


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