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Common problems about BGA Welding

Common problems about BGA Welding


1.When welding, the four corners of nozzle bottom always can’t hold out against the mainboard meanwhile,

what to do if some corners hold out against components?


About the bottom nozzle, we have designed corners to be the screws to adjust height by turning.

According to the difference of four corners, we can adjust four corners’ height flexibly.      

If some corners hold out against components, we can stagger it for 1-2mm, or turn the middle screwed mandril higher,

only support PCB by the middle mandril, now the bottom temperature need to be increased about 10℃.


2.What’s the function of  “Air Regulator” button?


The size of our nozzle is from 28mm to 46mm, in total 5 types. Though using the same temperature setting,

but different nozzle, the final heating temperature on chip also varies. The smaller the nozzle, the more the

quantity of heat in a same unit, so the higher the temperature of chip. This is a very simple principle, all of

welding equipments by hot air keep to this rule. When welding small chip, use the smaller nozzle, adjust the

air speed lower by “Air Regulator” button, it can decrease the rate of expanding bridge.   

Of course, the other method is to adjust the distance between nozzle and chip properly,

proper adjusting 1-2mm can also decrease the heat of chip.


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