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How to Reflow on the PS3

How to Reflow on the PS3


If your PlayStation 3 (PS3) gets a Yellow Light of Death (YLoD), an option open to you is to reflow the

graphics processing unit (GPU). The reflow process is basically taking heat and resetting the processors

back to their factory position. When you get the yellow light of death, the processor has been too hot,

causing it to move slightly. This can be because the heatsink was not properly set on the processor to

begin with. The process of reflowing your PS3 will take up to two hours to complete.




1.Remove the case, Blu-ray player and power supply from the PS3. Remove the hard disk

drive before removing the remainder of the items from the main board. Disconnect the

battery cable from the main board.


2.Soak a cotton ball in sterile alcohol and use it to completely clean one of the main processors.

Repeat the process for the second processor.


3.Stabilise the PS3 motherboard on a solid surface that will not allow it to move with the two main

processors facing down. Heat the heat gun to 349 degrees Celsius. Remove the rubber covers from

the two processors so that the rubber will not melt to them. Heat each of the chips for 15 seconds,

then heat behind the two main processors for 15 seconds. Let the board set for 15 minutes to cool;

do no touch it at all.


4.Turn the board over and stabilise again. Heat the two main processors and the back of the two

smaller processors for 15 seconds each. Allow the board to cool for 15 minutes again.


5.Apply heat sink compound lightly but evenly across both of the main processors; it should be

almost see-through when complete. Put together the rest of the PS3, installing the hard drive last.

Turn the system on.


Tips and warnings


1.Keep track of the screws as you remove them to make it easier to figure out how they go back.


2.Moving the board at all during cool-down will damage the board irreparably.

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