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BGA tin graft method based

BGA tin graft method based


Tin, in the maintenance of the most commonly used but!Tin is good or bad, has great influence on the result

of the maintenance!To do safety smooth tin, please refer to the following method, a little practice!

(three days, is no myth! You can do it!!)


IC clean up after the first IC diagonal (preferably four corners) are first point solder point (the same size of tin

ball way better), the net card on the IC will not disorderly shift (very important). Wipe on solder paste, leveling

after appropriate wind and temperature to heat, can't really push it too hard pressure with the strength of the

mesh (force is too large, the spherical shape mesh is worse: IC solder ball in the middle will dance! And IC solder

joint is not, and even the adjacent points, even joint to revolt...)., appropriate is good (hardness, strength of

concrete miniaturization: IC area size, balance). The thermal process, if can use slanting blowing welding

technique is better!It will make feel the fun of tin graft: easy and simple to complete this operation, the

pressure of the hand of the mesh will not heat unbearable!The choose and buy the mesh is very exquisite,

hole wall is vertical, should never be on both sides of the hollow hole mesh!It will take you to harm to have to

leave immediately repair industry think!

Pay attention to the pressure and the timing of the release, and the position of the pressure on!IC again big

also can plant good (smooth)!


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