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Analysis of temperature curve of BGA reflow soldering

Analysis of temperature curve of BGA reflow soldering


At that time, we got the problem board to get ZTE electronic analysis, the results are BGA peripheral IMC

weld in the PCB side of the fracture, internal welding ball and PCB no cracking. The ZTE analyst gives the

suggestion, the optimized reflux parameter, the peak temperature can not be too high or the return time

is too long, must be in the right range. Lead free BGA lead soldering, the peak in the 230 degree, can not

exceed 235 degrees, reflux time in 40-90 seconds, 217 degrees above time in 20-60 seconds. At the same

time, try to reduce the stress damage caused by and BGA to PCB and ICT.. XJ electronics we give advice;

because of the above devices in process belongs to SMT industry the most taboo lead-free devices lead

solder, lead-free solder and lead solder in what kind of temperature welding ideal is difficult to verify.



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