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BGA Reflow Soldering Recommendations

BGA Reflow Soldering Recommendations



•Use caution when profiling to insure minimal tem-perature difference (<15°C and preferably <10°C)

between components

•Forced convection reflow with nitrogen preferred(50 – 75 PPM)

•Preheat stage temperature ramp rate: <2°C persecond

•Time required in Flux Activation stage: 150 to 180seconds

•Flux Activation stage temperature range: 150 to183°C

•Time required in Solder stage: 60 seconds

•Maximum temperature 210 - 220°C (Do not exceed10 seconds at maximum temperature)

•Cool-Down stage temperature reduction rate: <2°Cper second



•Inspection of pre-processed solder bumps

•Visual solder deposit inspection

•Use machine vision for solder bump identificationduring placement

•Use recommended assembly process and processparameters coupled with electrical testing

(100%post-process inspection is not recommended)


Figure 1. BGA Recommended Solder Reflow Profile


BGA Recommended Solder Reflow Profile


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