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Disassembly, welding technique of patch type components

Disassembly, welding technique of patch type components


SMD components, removing welding should choose 200 to 280 DEG C temperature controlled soldering iron tip.

SMD resistor, capacitor substrate mostly adopts ceramic material, this material by the collision, easily broken.

Therefore in the demolition, welding should master the temperature, preheating, touch and other skills.

Temperature control is the welding temperature should be controlled at 200 ~ 250 degrees celsius.

Preheat the elements that will be welded to the environment at 100 degrees Celsius for 1 to 2 minutes,

to prevent the sudden expansion of the components of the heating damage. Touch operation refers to

the iron head should first of the printed circuit board solder or conduction heating, so as not to hit the

element. In addition to control each welding time in about 3 seconds, so that the circuit board at room

temperature and natural cooling.


The above methods and techniques are also suitable for the welding of the two and the three poles of the chip.

Patch type integrated circuit pin number, narrow spacing, hardness is small, if the improper welding temperature,

extremely easy to cause the fault of the pin solder short circuit, weld or printed circuit copper foil from printed

circuit board etc. Remove patch type integrated circuit, the thermostat iron temperature adjusted to 260 DEG C,

with the soldering iron head with solder sucker will be integrated circuit pin solder all suction, with fine pointed

forceps gently insert the at the bottom of the integrated circuit, side with a soldering iron, while with tweezers,

one by one, gently lift the IC pin, gradually and printed circuit board from the integrated circuit pin. An

integrated circuit with tweezers with iron heating parts must be carried out simultaneously, to prevent the

circuit board damage will act with undue haste. In front of the new integrated circuit to the original integrated

circuit to leave all the solder, to ensure the smooth and clean. Then the welding integrated circuit pin with fine

sandpaper clean, uniform tin, and then welding integrated circuit pin alignment of printed circuit board

corresponding solder joint, welding with handle gently pressing on the integrated circuit surface, prevent

the integrated circuit of mobile, the other hand operated electric iron dipped in solder will be set into the

circuit four angle pin and the circuit board is welded and fixed, once again check the type and direction of

integrated circuit, right after the formal welding, the iron temperature at about 250 DEG C, one hand soldering

iron to the integrated circuit pin heating, the other hand will be sent to the pin welding solder wire heating,

heating until all pin welding completed, carefully check and remove the last pin short and weld, solder joints

after natural cooling, another cleaning circuit board and solder joint with a brush dipped in alcohol, to prevent

the welding slag left. Before the repair module circuit board fault, are advised to use brush dipped in anhydrous

alcohol cleaning printed circuit board, board dust, welding slag and other debris cleared and observe of the

original circuit board whether there are weld or welding slag short circuit, and other phenomena, and early

detection of fault point and save maintenance time.



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