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BGA balls techniques and methods

BGA balls techniques and methods


What is the "paste" + "ball"? In fact, this is recognized as the best most standard ball planting method.

Using this method establish a ball welding good, good gloss, molten tin process does not appear to run

the ball like, is easy to control and hold. Specific approach is the first print solder paste onto the

BGA welding disc, added above a certain size of solder ball in, then paste is stuck in the solder ball

and when heating let the contact surface of the ball more, solder balls of heat faster and more

comprehensive, which makes the ball of molten tin and BGA pad welding better and reduce weld may.


What is the "flux" + "ball"? Through the above explanation can be easy to understand the meaning of

this sentence, simple said this method is using lead-free solder paste paste to replace the role.

But with the help of solder paste and paste are very different, the solder paste at elevated temperature

will become liquid, easy to cause the ball to run; furthermore solder paste help the poor weldability,

so that ball planting is ideal for the first method.


Of course, these two methods are to be planted tee such special tools to complete. "Paste" + "ball"

method of specific steps are as follows:


1.Ready ball tool, and to use alcohol to clean and dry the tee, lest the ball rolling is not smooth;


2.The pre arranged chip good positioning in plant tee;


3.The paste of natural thawing and mixing evenly, and even to the scraping sheet;


4.To the positioning base on a solder paste printing box printing paste, to try to control the players paste

scraping angle, strength and pulling speed, after the completion of the gently disengaged paste frame;


5.Confirm the BGA on each of the pads are uniformly printed solder paste, then the frame of the ball sleeve

positioning, and then into the solder ball, swing planting tee, let the ball rolling into the mesh, confirm each

mesh has a solder ball can be received a good ball and stripper plate;


6.The steel ball and BGA to be baked is removed from the base (preferably with a small amount of reflow,

using a hot-air gun also,). So you can finish the ball.


"Fulx" + "ball" method of operation steps are as follows:


"3", "4" steps to be merged into one step: with a brush dipped in solder paste help, without printing steel

mesh but uniform coating to the BGA pad on, other steps and the first method is basically the same.


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