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About the problem of heating equipment BGA rework station

About the problem of heating equipment BGA rework station


Starting from the principle of physics, heat transfer mode has 3 kinds: conduction, convection and radiation.
Because BGA rework device are not specific repair items and direct contact, also does not contain conduction,

rely mainly on the other two.

Respectively consider the following preheating and heating:

Preheat: because of the following, you can get two kinds of heat conduction, convection and radiation,

whether or not the use of the device can be. Convection can rely on the physical phenomenon of the rise

of hot air, the radiation should not be influenced by gravity, so the spread of good conditions, the reaction

speed is quick. With infrared or ordinary electric furnace, as long as the heating area is enough, the

temperature control is reasonable should be more easy to achieve.

Upper heating:
1, an infrared smoke: due to the warm air to rise, and not under pressure, can not get the transmission,

only radiation can play a role, single transfer, caused the lag and difficult to control;

2 the hot air: infrared hot air and hot air alone two, hot air is forced added up to the (no matter use air

pump or fan), is forced to accelerate the convection, easy to control by wind speed, air volume) small

hysteresis effect. If there is infrared radiation is only an auxiliary role. Forced convection is actually a

kind of indirect conduction, air is the medium. The practice shows that the air flow control method is

superior to the simple infrared.


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