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Motherboard BGA chip welding

Motherboard BGA chip welding


Put the main board on the welding frame and place the chip on the middle part of the BGA welding machine.

Heat insulation material will not be heated by the BGA chip, has been heated, such as the chip near the

capacitor can be moved back and forth, it shows that the BGA chip can be taken down.


After taking the need to put on the main board of the extra tin to handle the clean, the method is as follows:


1.First coated with a layer of solder paste


2.With a hot iron on the motherboard most of the tin to scrape, but also the remaining part.


3.With a soldering iron with tin absorption line on the motherboard gently move (due to some small factories

or brand-name motherboard solder joint is loose and mobile tin absorption line must slowly moving, lest the

solder joints under the care of) ceiling finish, the remaining paste clean, if not wipe a chip welding after will

weld or poor contact.


If we have new chip (plant after the solder balls) is the chips directly to the heating in the correct position on

the motherboard, if there is no new chip can take a same model from other motherboard chip replace, can put

a chip after take off, with the above method (motherboard Yu Xi processing method) the chip tin processing

after the qing dynasty, with cotton bar evenly coated on the opposite side of the chip solder paste (impurities),

then the corresponding stencil on chip, requires a stencil clean, stencil surface and hole must not have solder

paste or sundry, repeatedly with alcohol cleaning, washing, drying after the stencil on the chip, with pieces of

paper or a small iron spoon on the tin ball steel net, because the chip is coated with a layer of solder paste and

solder paste with certain viscosity, below each steel mesh, there is a small number of solder paste, so every hole

uniform stick on a tin ball, so we can put the tin ball to chip.


There are two kinds of methods is planted on the ball, don't put the steel mesh on top blowing, will make the

steel net serious deformation, not replantation of solder ball!


A method is the wind nozzle of hot air gun, the hot-air gun wind transferred to minimum, remove the steel mesh,

don't need the ball to erase, check arranged neatly and tuyere alignment of solder ball blowing straight, not back

and forth mobile air will blow away the solder ball), it should be real, uniform heating of the ball, to be melted

solder ball after fixation and move elsewhere blowing, all blow after the chip solder ball is completely graft on

the. Another is remove the steel mesh, don't need the ball to erase, neatly arranged in check, the it on a paper

towel, then put on the surface of tin tin furnace heating, about three minutes, feeling solder melts, take out, check

there is no weld solder balls, however after using a hot-air gun blowing (ibid.), until the ball all welding.


The corresponding to the motherboard chip and the white box, neatly (four plane distance roughly the same),

then the chip welding swing to BGA welding machine of central heating and temperature control in 320 degrees

or so, after a period of time, about 3-5 minutes, camera or fine mercerized gently touch BGA chip, if chip slightly

after the move will still moved to the original position, show that the chip of tin has been welded with the

motherboard together.



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