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Hot air and IR rework technology that is good

Hot air and IR rework technology that is good


As a novice in the choice of the machine will feel troubled, in fact, I have a choice when you have these


Because the domestic BGA products have many brands and models, but also look like, you copy me,

I copied you.
What 100% welding, etc., but when the use of home to buy back to find failure rate is very high, after

some manufacturers will say with the problem.

In fact, the so-called 100% welding is no, the factory level can not reach 100%. because of the success

rate of BGA welding has a lot of factors.

But the most important factor I am I am a new

1 temperature control

2 fixture use

3.BGA implant

4 time grasp

The 5 tin melting point of knowledge
In fact, buy BGA machine not used do not know that a manufacturer's best, there is no the best machine.

Bitter really want to choose the best there is no so much money to buy German or Japanese equipment.


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