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6 errors BGA rework

6 errors BGA rework


1, inappropriate operator training
How we emphasize that this is not enough! BGA repair personnel must be fully trained, their skills,

practice and development. They must understand the tools, materials, process steps, and the relationship

between them. They must assess the size and skills "to understand the situation of BGA repair and skilled

before rework. They must be able to recognize the subtle, the story tells the signs that the process is off track.

2, inappropriate choice of equipment
This is an old story, but really, you need the right tools to do the job. Use of BGA rework station

equipment must have advanced, flexibility, and the ability to maintain control, predictable and repeat the

process. This includes the ability to provide heat for the process required to provide heat for the process,

the ability to provide heat for the process, and product handling. The use of the ability of the equipment;

this is not an area to cut corners.


3, the development of BGA technology slow repair
BGA rework profile for the assembly temperature curve is important, most without BGA rework station

and, you would not have reached success and repeat the BGA rework process. A less developed thermal

distribution may lead to additional repair cycle with the injury site needed in the assembly or

BGA components, damage adjacent components or reflux. Good configuration files must be correctly used

in the location of thermocouples and the analysis of the data they provide for the well developed.

4, improper configuration
Experts know that a long lasting paint job is 90% essential. Similarly, in the first heat cycle applied to

BGA rework station, if there are a lot of process to do the configuration. This includes the removal of

moisture from the BGA device and circuit board assembly to prevent the "explosion" and other issues and

to remove or protect the nearby thermal sensitive components to avoid damage or unintentional backflow.

Correct decisions in advance, such as whether to use solder paste, select correct stencil and select proper

chemical composition and alloy. Have to do well, and do the right, before the actual rework cycle starts.

This includes an accurate assessment of the size of the solder balls, an accurate evaluation of the device,

and a finite plane of the ball; the damage, loss or contamination of the solder protection module on the PCB.


5, collateral damage
The oxidation, moisture, pad damage, core absorption, the damage of the core, the damage of the

component and the other problems are also a problem that needs to be re welded. Technicians must

always pay attention to the thermal effect of BGA devices, and it is how it affects the other components

of the adjacent, on both sides of the component. Our goal is to minimize the heat transfer in the

BGA component to be modified, which is a developed contour and a strict process control function.

6, not enough to check after placement
In the BGA component of the world is a hidden place, and not from today's X-RAY flaw detector. Such as

excessive air welding and improper placement, immediately detect the problem of X-RAY inspection.
But like an operator, the operator of the X-RAY system needs appropriate training, to correctly interpret

and understand the needs of BGA components and different changes in the X-RAY system image, it's the

greatest benefit is that the complexity can be obtained from this important and indispensable equipment




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