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LY BGA Rework Station

Main Functions:

1.Embedded with industrial PC and Windows OS, high definition touch screen interface, Real-time temperature monitoring and start-up password for protection and modification. It can displays 4-6 temperature profiles simultaneously and store multiple sets of user data with instant profile analysis function. Real-time settings and actual temperature profile display can be used to analyzed and correct parameters if necessary.


2.With heating system and mount head unifying structural design, PLC controls, stepper motor drives and lead screw driven, the linear slide provides X,Y and Z with precision alignment and fast positioning, realizing the dismantling, mounting and soldering processing with intelligent control, providing automatic dismantling and soldering functions.


3.The machine uses independent temperature controller for upper hot-air heater, low hot-air heater and bottom IR heater. Heating time, temperature and profile are controlled by the touch screen display. 


4.It uses precise K-type close circuit control ,PID parameter self-setting system automatic and temperature adjustment system, with PLC and temperature module to enable precision temperature control of ±2 degC. External temperature sensor enables temperature monitoring and accurate analysis of real time temperature profile. 


5.V-groove PCB support for rapid, convenience and accurate positioning that fits for all kinds of PCB board. 


6.Flexible and convenient removable fixture on the PCB board which protects and prevent damage to PCB. It can also adapt to rework various BGA packages


7.Various sizes of BGA nozzles, which can be adjusted 360 degree for easy installation and replacement; 


8.Use high definition adjustable CCD colour lens system.



2 colour separation, magnification, micro adjustment, auto focus, auto correction and auto colour differentiation and light level adjustment system. Manually or automatically adjusting picture clarity. In the process of positioning, optical lenses can be moved freely around to view BGA alignment, ensuring positioning accuracy and avoid any 'blind spot' issue. 


1.X, Y and R axis are adjustable by micrometer with accuracy of up to ± 0.01MM, and with high-definition display, can eliminate human operation errors. 


2.8 level up (down) + 8 level constant temperature control, large storage space for temperature profiles, can operate curve analysis, setting and correction on touch screen;


3.Including Voice "early warning" function. 5-10 seconds before the completion of uninstalling or welding, voice reminder / warning to get the workers prepared. After uninstalling or welding, high capacity horizontal airflow fan manually or automatically cools down PCB to prevent PCB deformation
and ensure quality of welding.

4.Built-in vacuum, can do 60 ° rotation, micrometer mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable, no compressed-air is required. 


5.CE certification, with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection device when emergency happens


BGA Rework Station


With heating system and mount head unifying structural design, PLC controls, stepper motor drives 

and lead screw driven, the linear slide provides X,Y and Z with precision alignment and fast positioning, 

realizing the dismantling, mounting and soldering processing with intelligent control, providing automatic 

dismantling and soldering functions.

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