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BGA exporters assoc sees 2015 export growth of 4 pct

BERLIN, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Germany's BGA exporters group
said on Wednesday it expects German exports to grow 4 percent in
2015 if no new global conflicts emerge and repeated its export
growth forecast of 3 percent for 2014.
    Imports are projected to grow 2 percent this year, extending
the trade surplus to 212.5 billion euros, while in 2015 imports
are expected to grow 3.5 percent.
    "Despite numerous political crises and economic risks we
view global economic developments positively," said BGA
President Anton Boerner.
    But he added Germany was seeing its dominant position in
worldwide exports slide, falling to a share of 7.7 percent of
the global export market from 9.9 percent in 2003. High energy
costs and ever rising labour costs were weighing on exporters.

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