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Acquaintance BGA & PCB

Acquaintance BGA & PCB


BGA Technology (Grid Array Package Ball), which is a ball grid array packaging technology. The

appearance of this technology has become the best choice for CPU, motherboard south, Beiqiao

chip, etc., high density, high performance, multi pin package. However, the area of the substrate

of BGA is relatively large. Although the technology of the I/O pin number is increased, the distance

between the pins is much greater than the QFP, thus improving the assembly finished rate. And

the technology used in the control of the collapse of the chip method, which can improve its

thermal performance. In addition, the assembly of the technology can be used in the welding,

which can greatly improve the reliability of the package, and the CPU signal transmission delay

is small, and the adaptive frequency can be improved greatly.


BGA package has the following characteristics:
Although the I/O pin number is increased, the distance between the pins is much greater than that

of the QFP package, and the finished product rate is improved.
Although the power consumption of BGA increases, but the use of controlled collapse chip method,

which can improve the electric performance
The signal transmission delay is small, and the adaptation frequency is greatly improved.
Assembly can be coplanar welding, reliability greatly improved
Printed circuit board (circuit board Printed, PCB)


Almost in every kind of electronic equipment. If you have electronic components in a certain kind of

equipment, then they are also inlaid in the sizes of the PCB. In addition to fixed various small parts,

PCB of the main function is provides the parts of the head are electrically connected. With the

electronic equipment by more and more complex, need more and more parts, PCB halves with

wiring and components is becoming more and more intensive.
The standard PCB top of the head is no part, also known as the "Wiring Board Printed

(printed circuit board)".

The substrate of the board itself is an insulating and is not easy to bending of the material.

In can be seen on the surface of thin wires material is copper foil, originally copper foil is covered

on the board, and in the manufacturing process of parts are etched off, stay part of becomes

meshwork of fine lines. These lines are called conductors (conductorpattern) or wiring, and used

for parts on the PCB circuit connections are provided.

In order to parts are fixed above the PCB, we will their feet directly welded on the wiring. In the most

basic PCB (single - panel), parts are concentrated in the side wire were concentrated on the other side.

In this way we need to punch holes in the board, this pin to wear a plank on the other side, so parts

of the pin is welding on the other side. Because of this, the PCB is negative were known as the parts

(component) and the welding surface (solder side).


If the PCB halves of some parts, after the completion of the production can also be removed, or put back,

then the parts installation will use socket (socket). Because the socket is directly welded on the board,

components can be arbitrary disassembly.


PCB green or brown, color is solder paint (solder mask). This layer of insulating protective layer can protect

copper, can also prevent the parts to be welded to the incorrect place. In the solder layer also will be printed

on a layer of silk screen printing surface (silk screen), usually in the above will be printed on words and

symbols (mostly white), to mark the position of the parts on the board. Screen printing surface also known

as icon (legend).


Printed circuit board parts and between parts of a complex circuit copper wire, after the meticulous and orderly

planning, etching on a piece of board, providing electronic components in the mounting and interconnecting

the main support body is integral to all electronic products the basic parts.

Printed circuit boards made of non conductive materials, in this tablet are usually designed to install the pre

drilled to install the chip and other electronic components. Component pores to help to pre-defined printed

on the surface of metallic path are connected by electronic means, the electronic component pin through

the PCB, with conductive metal electrode adhesion on the printed circuit board (PCB) forming a circuit.


According to the application of the PCB can be divided into single panel, double sided board, more than four

laminates multilayer board and soft board. Generally speaking, more complex functions of the electronic

products, circuit longer distance, number of contact feet, PCB needed layers more, such as higher-order

consumption electronics, information and communications products; and soft board is mainly used in need

of bending around the products: such as notebook computer, camera, car dashboard, and other.



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