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BGA Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages which

BGA Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages which:

BGA can generally be divided into three types, each type of BGA has different characteristics, in order

to better meet the BGA develop process requirements process, to better achieve good BGA assembly,

reducing process costs BGA, they must depth understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of

different types of BGA. Then each type BGA has its own unique advantages and disadvantages which it:


1, PBGA PLASTIC BALL GRID ARRAY plastic BGA package is an advantage

① epoxy circuit boards and thermally matched well.
② Participation ball when solder reflow solder balls formed loose requirements.
③You can package the edge of the mount when.
④ low cost.
⑤ good electrical properties.
The disadvantage is that
Sensitive to moisture and density area array of solder balls is lower than CBGA?

2, CBGA CERAMIC BGA BGA ceramic package is an advantage


① High reliability package components.
② coplanarity good joint formation is easy, but not parallel cross joints.
③ not sensitive to moisture.
④ high packing density.
The disadvantage is that
① As the different thermal expansion coefficients
And thermally matched epoxy board of difference
Solder joint fatigue is the main failure mode.
② difficulty aligning ball at the edge of the package.
③ high package cost.

3, TBGA TAPE BGA tape BGA advantage is

① Although the presence of local stress when chip connection generally with epoxy board thermal

matching better.
② can mount package is aligned with the edge.
③ is the most economical package.
The disadvantage is that
① sensitive to moisture.
② sensitive to heat.
③ Multiple rounds of different material adverse effect on reliability.


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