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BGA Rework Safety Precautions

BGA Rework Safety Precautions


1, when the repair station work do not use a fan or other device directly to the repair station hair, otherwise

it will lead to the heating plate surface to form a negative difference, burned the workpiece;

2, after power, high-temperature heat zone not directly contact with any object, it may cause a fire or

explosion, the workpiece should be placed on the PCB board PCB board support frame;

3, do not shake the repair station should carry light moving light;

4, do not hand touch hot heating zone while working, otherwise it will burn;

5, boot, do not use flammable spray near the repair station, liquefied or flammable gases;

6. Do not try to modify the repair station, otherwise it will cause fire or electric shock;

7, high voltage electrical box components, do not disassemble;

8, such as metal objects or liquids fall into the repair station, immediately disconnect the power, unplug the

power cord until the machine cool down, then completely remove junks, dirt in their work; above left as dirt,

might re-start work smelly;

9, when the repair station when the abnormal temperature rise or smoke, immediately disconnect the power,

and notify the service technician repairs. When moving to the electrical box and the machine part of the wire

is disconnected when removing the wire to hold the plug, otherwise it will lead to poor contact, does not work;

10, note that the repair station not pressed or rolled over power lines or other electrical equipment on the

communication cable, as this may cause the device to malfunction or cause a fire or electric shock.

11, in operation repair stage, you must read this manual carefully.


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