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BGA Rework of key

BGA Rework of key


Do bga temperature key lies in how much of the right? Now the BGA wide range of different BGA temperature

affordability are also very different, the light has two types of leaded and unleaded temperature is a big


As we all know, there is melting point of lead is 183 degrees, 217 degrees is lead-free, lead-chip generally do

not exceed 250 degrees, lead should not exceed 280 degrees, but still need to note that some of the

BGA withstand temperatures not too high, it will explode once the high Similar to 7500 graphics chip package

is critical.

So how to grasp the temperature it?
I address this problem, design a rework station with monitoring, in desoldering process, solder balls can be

observed during the melting process, so more conducive to grasp the temperature setting, the success rate

improved a lot! There is generally heated to lead 190 degrees around the time it begins to melt, and generally

the melting temperature of the solder ball completely collapse when the time to be reached in this constant

temperature soldering temperature of about 20 seconds, you can weld better.

Hardly Weld. So, do lead-free BGA is the same method to grasp the temperature to do with the

BGA rework station BGA, the key is to pay attention to what is in the tin melt when the temperature begins

to collapse, just noticed this , it does not appear the case of failure of the BGA. experience, and what do

BGA rework station is the same handy.


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