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BGA chip removal and welding tool

BGA chip removal and welding tool


Remove the following tools to prepare the phone BGA chip:


Hot air gun: for removing and welding BGA chip.

Electric iron: tin to clean up the BGA chip and circuit board.

Finger clamp: easy to fix the BGA chip when welding.
Medical needles: when removing the BGA chip set off.
With light amplification: easy to observe the location of the BGA chip.
Mobile maintenance platform: with fixed line plate.

Anti-static wrist: wear in the hands, to prevent the body of the electrostatic damage to the mobile phone device.
Small brush, blowing balloons: to remove the impurities around the BGA chip.

Flux: good solderability, no corrosion of IC and PCB.

Absolute alcohol or water: use to clean the circuit board.

Solder: welding with welding.

Planting: BGA chip for the tin tin.



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