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BGA chip welding knowledge

BGA chip welding knowledge


Do BGA must master the skills, ⑴ set the ball, ⑵ up points, ⑶ clean up the solder, ⑷BGA soldering station


An indispensable tool for: ⑴BGA soldering station, ⑵ heated soldering iron tip, ⑶ hot air gun, ⑷ graver,

⑸ tin absorption band, ⑹ steel mesh, ⑺ set the ball tool, ⑻ green oil, ⑼ variety of tin, ⑽ washer water,

⑾ forceps, ⑿ swab, ⒀ magnifier, ⒁ welding oil, ⒂ small brush, ⒃ foil, ⒄ heat tape, ⒅0.8mm solder wire,

⒆A4 paper.

1, take to be replaced BGA chip repair plate -
2. Remove the board can be removed in the annex -
3, the BGA chip capacitors and other peripheral devices sensitive to heat, stick with aluminum foil to protect

4. Place the board at the right (BGA chip in the middle of the upper and lower vents) position, to ensure that

the situation does not tilt the board,
5, the air exchange suitable hood,
6, open BGA soldering station
7, select the appropriate temperature parameters
8, start heating and monitoring,
9, the temperature rose after the solder melts, remove the upper hand mouth, then carefully removed with

tweezers chip,
10, oil coated welded to the board, a knife head heated iron to remove excess solder,
11, with suction tin solder pads on the tape was removed, until smooth so far,
12, wash board, then spread evenly paste, Grab chip bonding,
13, take a good chip, if not set the solder ball, set the ball next to the chip,

The first step, fixed chip removal solder pads until smooth so far,
The second step, with washer water cleaning chip,
The third step is to pick out consistent stencil,
The fourth step is to set the ball fixed table (set tables placed in paper boxes, used to collect more out of tin

beads), the chip pads and the steel mesh overlap,
The fifth step, remove the stencil, solder evenly to the chip oil, and heating oil makes welding more smooth

and uniform,
The sixth step, put away the stencil, choose the appropriate size of the tin, pour the right amount of tin, pour

into the inner steel, tin cardboard scratch, to ensure that each cell has a tin beads, scrape excess solder balls,

the seventh step, carefully remove the stencil, to ensure movement can not let tin,
Step eight, with air gun (remove the wind mouth), small air volume area to tin heated to melt the solder balls

on the pads, until melted solder balls on the pads, neatly arranged, set the ball over.

14, placing chips on the board, and confirm the correctness of the position and point of 15, for good upwind

mouth, then start heating, and other program execution ends, 16, after the board cooled, peel off foil, with a

multimeter test board ( BGA chip) is not a short circuit, and observe there is no touch or move out of the small

pieces, and if not, you can more electrical test.



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