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BGA device and repair skills

BGA device and repair skills


With the development of SMD, the BGA has many advantages, so it has been widely used in the electronics

industry. There are a variety of BGA packaging: plastic packaging (PBGA), ceramic package (CBGA), ceramic

column (CCBGA), (TBGA), CSP (BGA), BGA (BGA), super (SBGA with cooling metal shell, ball grid array of

more than 1500).


The advantages of BGA
1. Relative QFP devices, I / O space large, small size, due to the characteristics of the ball grid array is

45mm x 45mm area can be arranged more than 1000 solder balls.

2. have good electrical characteristics, due to short lead wire, the self inductance and mutual inductance

between conductors is very low, good frequency characteristic.

3. high reliability, low defect rate of solder joint, solder joint is firm.

4. allows the patch error (more than 50%), reflow soldering. The tension between the solder joints produced

a good self localization effect.

5. After melting welding level to ensure consistency, tin ball can automatically compensate the error between

the plane of the chip carrier and PCB.


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