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BGA maintenance experience

BGA maintenance experience


1.Judge BGA chip damage caused by power supply circuit:


5V, 3.3V, 3VSB, 1.8V power supply and GND short circuit, the general situation of the size of BGA have been

damaged, the 810W series and the 815 series of the main board is the most common.


1.8V, 3VSB power supply and GND short circuit, the general situation is small BGA chip damage, with more

than 810W series motherboard.


3.6V power supply and GND short circuit, the BX series is generally the most common.


P1, p2i series motherboards, if the VDDQ (1.5V) power to GND short circuits completely big BGA chip is

damaged, and if at the same time vid core voltage and GND short circuits completely. At this point it should

be attention to MOS tube is burnt out.


P4 series repair motherboard, 1.8V power supply to the GND completely short circuit, in general, is a large

BGA chip damage.


About P4, P1, P2 series motherboard repair fault without power, should check the power supply on the 1.8VSB

resistance pit about is getting smaller.


2.Cause analysis of BGA damage in power supply case:


P4, P1, P2 series motherboard, there are many big BGA chip blind before have not ruled out the mainboard

power fault causes damage to the motherboard power is more, at this time should be paid attention to in turn

on the juice before the main board of the MOS tube, if discover the MOS tube grid over the ground resistance

Keng Keng has become smaller or 12 v power supply to ground resistance is smaller. Should first after

troubleshooting to electrify, generally can avoid damage of BGA chip, eliminate the above situation, of course,

there are exceptions, in the above two normal conditions, there will be much damage of BGA chip, this basically

is DC_DC power management PMW conversion chip damage, and the proportion of the 12 v voltage stabilizing

circuit has a problem, everyone in the maintenance should be treated separately.


With a rubber hammer on the motherboard BGA chip to BGA fault diagnosis method:


Don't try to play the big plate C1 BGA significantly higher success rate of BX, AX, series; low success rate is

815, WX, P, series.


00 doesn't try to play big BGA success rate higher board type only P series; Don't try other plate type.


Display abnormal to WX, SIS, 815, damage of BGA is more, try to play feasible, don't try other type plate.
WIN98 abnormal, in addition to P1, P2I try to play big BGA success rate is very low, other type plate can
try to play
Appearance problem:
Due to BGA when rosin, volatilization, and cleaning the rosin overflow, will cause the CPU, DIMM slot
adhesion, resulting in poor contact, I propose, in the loading and washing should tape stuck to the
CPU DIMM slot.

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