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BGA manual welding experience sharing

BGA manual welding experience sharing


In trial production or small batch production, research and development institutions, when the product

returns, usually consider manually mount BGA How can we have a high success rate?


Now I combine my mobile phone repair experience to talk about the past three years: Tin Lead Ball


When I used to do maintenance before a placement process is split BGA. Some BGA dispensing process

requirements, the dissolution of this BGA rework has been a major problem, I have not overcome, to talk

about my approach it. (Tools: hot air gun, soldering iron, tweezers, suction-line help paste)


My approach is: heating (150 to 200 degrees Celsius) with air gun to melt glue becomes brittle when

(normally takes about 1 minute), with a sharp and sharp tools (engraved blade or forceps), gently shave

BGA surrounding glue, all after shaving (Note: Do not shave the solder resist layer), find a point to start

(PCB required fixed), then the hot air gun temperature to 280 to 300 degrees Celsius heat for 15 to 30

seconds ( depending on the size of the BGA may be), tweezers or a knife to gently pick the corners of

BGA. BGA will be hand sky. Do not get excited, it picked up carefully with tweezers (or will be met next

to the small components) and then air gun temperature to 150 to 200 degrees Celsius, shaved off the

remaining glue. Then, to use a soldering iron and tin absorption lines. Gently press with a hot iron on

the suction-line BGA pad, gently pull until smooth pads. (This action can easily ruin the solder resist

layer, knocked off the pad) knocked off the pads do not be nervous, you can also fly line. According

to the solder ball pitch, looking for the appropriate wire diameter, welded with iron BGA on the

corresponding point, point glue on OK. Not dispensing BGA split up easily, I will not say.


BGA on the corresponding point, point glue on OK. Not dispensing BGA split up easily, I will not say.

Welding BGA: a uniform coating on the BGA pads help solder paste (about 0.1mm, do not want to

add, it will bubble, the top side of your alignment BGA). Then align MARK put BGA, uniform heating

with air gun vertically, you see the BGA automatic calibration process heating for 5 seconds after OK,

a temperature of 280 to 300 degrees Celsius, the time depending on the size of the BGA. 10 * 10mm

20 ~ 30 seconds is appropriate. Its really cold process need your help, mouth gently blow it at 5-6.

(Cold indeed) Do not be too hard, careful BGA let you blown away! If you have no other board member

can pick up the board, to see the difference between daylight tube, you can see through.



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