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BGA operation method

BGA operation method


Operation method decomposition


1. removal of BGA operations
Check machine plate heat sink and easy damaged parts are removed
Check the position of the BGA replacement, and stick to the edge of the parts which need to be protected.
BGA rework station support regulation level of plywood.

Correct selection of suitable air nozzle and nozzle and the device on the upper machine
The machine plate is placed in the end of the plate.

After the X-Y axis is adjusted, it is not in the process of the heater down to confirm whether the wind nozzle

will be exposed to the surrounding parts of the BGA

Confirm whether the air nozzle is right for the part and the distance between the parts of the 1-3mm.
Select and use the correct program (parameters) to remove BGA, different machine to use different parameters

(please refer to the use of the machine in detail, or contact us).

The machine runs automatically when the alarm is to be removed from the BGA.
In the case of parts, use suction nozzle to draw or use a suction pen to draw the way (using suction pen to draw

BGA when the parts are vertical)

Will be removed from the BGA and the cooling of the machine plate
To remove the BGA of the machine board for eye inspection (bending, PAD, SMT parts, DIP parts, parts).


2. BGA operation
The measurement of iron. The impedance and temperature
There is no eye test (such as PAD, leakage of copper, PAD,), and no displacement of the surrounding SMT

parts can be known.

Big balls in PCB. From above with flux, soldering iron head parallel to and in a single direction from left to

right slowly in tin

The head of the iron. Remove residual tin, the iron head on the wet sponge removal
Big balls in eliminating PCB. Above, will use the tin absorbing band in tin, tin selected with 3-4cm, and

folded into a 90 degree angle

Gently press suction. The iron tin with folding part, the tin Belt should be put in the edge folding part

(not contact pad)

Iron. Gently pressing solder wick slowly pushed forward.
Tin after the suction tin, cut off, for the next time in addition to the new part of the preparation of tin
. such as iron pressure tin absorption band was stained with on the pad, soldering tin, or in the ceiling

tin band on a layer of flux, then soldering iron head is placed on the ceiling tin belt, in order to take


. in addition to the tin, with cotton or paper stained with detergent wipe
Cotton or paper wipe the time, the action from the outside, to ensure that the surrounding SMT parts

will not hit

The machine board test (PAD, PCB), which has been cleared of tin OK, is sure to have no problem.


3.1 brush paste
Different steel sheets and blade are used on different machines.

Parallel to the tape on the tape, and away from the steel sheet.

Attention to distinguish between the polarity of the steel sheet and the polarity of the PCB plate.

Para. After scraping tin, along a direction of coating paste, the paste with the steel plate all the holes
Confirm that all the holes are made of tin.

After printing, gently off the tape, so that the steel sheet slowly out of PCB

With steel sheet will be around after the tape is removed, and then put into the washer for cleaning.

Check (for example, leakage, displacement, and tin) of the machine board for printing, determine the no



4 BGA operation (on the machine for optical alignment system)

- the edges of the parts that need to be protected and aligned with the adhesive tape and the tape.
Plywood. Horizontal adjustment of supporting frame

. you will use BGA placed on the suction nozzle (don't touch the ball)
The polarity of the BGA and the polarity of the PCB plate (for the optical alignment system).

Proofreading. Screen distinguish BGA solder ball on the PCB PAD
X-Y. After adjustment, confirm the solder ball and pad match

. after the end of the alignment and the heater to be the observed BGA will not because of the heater will


produce vibrations, and lead to offset (if there is a need to re alignment offset, if not offset the components

on the PCB on)

(there is no manual alignment method for the optical alignment system, please refer to the relevant operating

instructions, or call for).

Selection and use of the correct program (parameters) to the welding machine plate. Different models with

different parameters

Standby plate welding end of the target detection of the surrounding SMT parts are there is a displacement,

the lack of parts, DIP parts have no burns

Simple maintenance of the machine (such as machine maintenance).



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