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BGA packaged memory

BGA packaged memory


1, PBGA (Plastic BGA) substrate: generally 2-4 multilayer organic material layer. Intel series CPU in,

Pentium II, III, IV processors are using this package. Nearly two years and the emergence of another form:

that is, the direct bonding IC on the board, its price is much cheaper than the regular price, the general

quality is not strictly required for games and other fields.

2, CBGA (CeramicBGA) substrate: the electrical connection between the ceramic substrate, the chip and the

substrate usually flip chip (FlipChip, referred FC) is installed. Intel series CPU in, Pentium I, II, Pentium Pro

processors are used this package.

3, FCBGA (FilpChipBGA) substrate: Rigid multilayer board.

4, TBGA (TapeBGA) substrate: the substrate is a strip of soft 1-2 layer PCB board.

5, CDPBGA (Carity Down PBGA) substrate: that package has a square sunken central area of the chip.



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