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BGA placement

BGA placement


BGA is the use of the entire bottom solder ball to connect with the circuit board, which greatly improves the

I/O number of devices, shorten the signal transmission path, with good heat dissipation performance. Due to

the short lead. Self and mutual inductance wires between the wires is very low, good frequency characteristic.

During reflow, between the molten solder and solder paste wetting force will produce good of effect, allowing

a third patch deviation.

Although BGA Solder Joints is hidden under the package, you can save a lot of space, but because of its tube

feet very dense to direct visual examination of the test; and easy aging of contact, a small area of solder, can

withstand the mechanical stress is not enough.

1) baking
First of all, according to the packaging of the BGA components to determine whether the need for baking.

For a long period of time in the air BGA components to moderate baking to ensure the welding quality.

2) patch
Resistance, capacitance, SOIC and other components can be completed by the manual placement process,

and BGA must use a dedicated device to complete its placement process.

3) screen printing
Resistors, capacitors, SOIC and other components can be the related equipment for manual paste to complete

the process of solder paste printing, and BGA devices need specialized template to realize the process of

solder paste printing.

4) welding
BGA devices can't by hand welding to complete, relying only on the characteristics of the equipment, such

as flow soldering, BGA rework station, such as completion of welding process.

5) test

BGA can not be used directly after the use of the naked eye inspection, can only use the X-ray X ray inspection

process, and thus determine whether there is a bridge, voids, tin slag and other welding defects.


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