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BGA process

BGA process


Prepare tools: BGA solder paste (special solder paste), tweezers, steel net, tin beads, hot air guns, soldering

iron, tin line (graphics, for example)


Chip process:


1. baking has never done BGA motherboard, the best placed in the oven and bake for 2 to 4 hours, remove

the motherboard chip and moisture, improve the success. No oven can also be placed on the BGA platform

for low temperature baking


2.Take a chip: for the chip around playing the glue, to be removed, for the board of IBM, a lot of hit black gum,

see around two or three burst of solder can be obtained, when the first with insulation glue chip chip protection,

there are also around the chip nearby, with tin foil to protect on the motherboard, CPU, memory, BLOS battery,

and insulation glue to be removed, a chip chip lead, lead and lead-free, high temperature 235 degrees, the

graphics chip, the 190 degrees began, can try to touch the chip gently push rod, a back mobile chip is the

process,to gently Oh, that ball has in the end to the rated temperature, can be used to push rod chip, and then

the other side tweezers down, to prevent other components of mobile touch chip


3.Chip in addition to tin: solder paste, chromite temperature at about 380 degrees, homeopathic drag tin, not too

hard, take advantage of the good, otherwise easy to pad dragged out, the chip is over, remove excess tin, then

the ceiling line tin mop the tin, clean chip with anhydrous alcohol, drag tin as quickly as possible, homeopathy,

don't let iron at high temperature for a long stay in the chip, chip damage.


4.Embedded bead: find corresponding stencil, and tin beads, stencil with anhydrous alcohol washed, on a chip

coated with a thin layer of solder paste evenly (must be special BGA solder paste), to two feet should be fixed

chips, or four feet, air pressure gun to 280, wind power transferred to the minimum, preheat chip first few

seconds,height 10 centimeters, then the Angle of the fixed corresponding tin beads, air pressure gun can lower

height, his master, tin beads sometimes there is a gray, then bright, melting process, sometimes can't melt beads

for a long time can change a, then can put a low air pressure gun, generally two fixed diagonal line, fixed, put

Shanghai net, planish,for, pour the beads in screen gehry, chip up in their hands, pour the beads in the above,

use cardboard, or public transportation card, Ming, cast tin beads, a small flat, then use tweezers to fill up, put

the chip embedded bead on the stage, plant bead machine can use the old motherboard flat place a layer of tin

package paper, (air pressure gun is set to 280, wind power transferred to the minimum, preheat chip first dozens

of seconds) to lower the wind gun, about 2 cm or so back and forth around blowing, see a chip off the stencil,

tin beads already, individual did not go down to take up, you can stick it out with tweezers, pay attention to see

tin beads after all fall down, until the chip to cool for a while, the steel net, then if you have a bit, can use tweezers

to catch up on, with the air pressure gun heating plant, for some even soldering tin beads, can use the tip of the

ferrochrome head gently point, tin suction out naturally, not clean, can according to the amount remaining, can

add a smaller size of melting tin beads, can also after the blow the chip beads, the need of tin beads point, but

the hand not shivering, point go up natural fusion together, tin beads all points up again can be added after the

last help soldering fluid, blow with blower gun again, the solder ball carry bright, planting a good bead cross,

hard to see is very straight, tin beads of the same size, shiny,not bad.


5.The welding junction chip, first in the planting good bead Chip Brush uniform brush a thin layer of BGA solder

paste,the motherboard first to chip off the remaining tin with ferrochrome and tin absorption line collocation

processing clean,wash clean with alcohol, on the same stage BGA brush a layer of BGA solder paste, motherboard

BGA Taiwan to clip safe,protect crystal with insulation glue, put the chip up on it, pay attention to the correct

direction, debug the required temperature, heating, lead solder is generally about 170-180, need to set the

temperature generally around 215, 190 of the general need to set free, the temperature at around 235,

can in the early melt with special push rod gently touch,the chip had to return to the process, that has changed,

it also can avoid the weld; have experience, generally put up on welding is good.


6.Notebook repair is mainly hands-on ability is stronger, don't think too much, sometimes encounter difficulties

is sure,any industry is not all plain sailing, persevere, there will always return, with more valuable advice,

and common progress.



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