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BGA rework station and hot air welding gun comparison

BGA rework station and hot air welding gun comparison


For the BGA repair industry, the industry is having an experience temperature curve. Heat curing solder ball,

if you are using a hot-air gun, certainly not. Temperature moderation is not good, may appear a variety of

problems, without BGA rework station, BGA rework, the success rate is only maintained at 40%. And even if

successful, due to the temperature of hot air gun can not control, shorten the service life of the BGA, because

the damage is invisible to the naked eye out, if customers in a month, and black


BGA rework station, generally at least set 20 above temperature curve, heating time of 3-5 minutes. Preheating

zone, heating area, welding zone, cooling zone of the rise (drop) temperature rate is not the same, each district

is also the time to pay attention.


1, The first temperature gradient, the temperature from 75 to 155, the maximum: 3 degrees / second.


2, Preheat temperature from 155 degrees to 185 degrees, time requirements: 50 to 80 seconds.


3, Second temperature rising slope, the temperature from 185 to 220, the maximum: 3 degrees / second.


4, Maximum temperature: 225 to 245 degrees.


5, 220 degrees above should be maintained at 70 to 40 seconds.


6, The maximum cooling slope is not more than 6 degrees per second.


If you use the BGA rework station, in the temperature set appropriate do board foaming is definitely board

to damp the, in the heating process of water vapor expansion leads to board foaming. Especially in humid

areas, main reason may be in the demolition of the BGA Solder, at the bottom of the preheating is not

sufficient, advice before doing panels will BGA and plate together to warm it up for a few minutes

(2-3 minutes), to ensure the board dry, the heating of the heating head desoldering.


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