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BGA rework station quality discrimination

BGA rework station quality discrimination


With the popularization of computer in daily life, computer repair industry is gradually growing. The

widespread use of the notebook, the simple equipment repair has not qualified for plateless repair.

Many do repair friends plan to buy a professional BGA repair equipment, to enhance their ability to

repair, but also improve the store image. But the real time to buy but do not know how to distinguish

the quality of BGA rework station, if you buy the poor quality of the machine, not only the hard-earned

money, but also delay the business. How to spend money to buy the most suitable medium machine?

This can give you an introduction about dear friends, make a little more, less risk.


1.Price: the outbreak of the financial crisis, business is not as good as before. But also to pay the rent

to pay, hand no extra spare cash, price becomes the preferred elements to buy machines. But not the

cheaper the better, it is best to find several manufacturers compare, comprehensive consideration of

the machine brand / quality / sale service / Accessories / reputation. Look at the market, avoid buy high

configuration is low or low quality is poor machine.


2.Quality: to find a number of online data, understand the design principle of BGA rework station.

Best with a need for repair of board to manufacturers to try. First of all, to the exterior of the machine

structure design of observation is reasonable, the various components is what material, is solid and

durable, especially heating material. Personally operation, see whether the operation convenience.

Finally see the welding effect is good.


3.Machine materials: if there is a condition can be opened in the eyes of the power distribution box to

see the 1 circuit line is reasonable, joints, transfer whether there is protection, 2 kinds of wire can

withstand a long time of the machine, wire, terminal and other internal materials are non-standard or GB,

there is no quality certification through third kinds of important parts of the brand and quality assurance,

these materials related to machine manufacturing costs.


4.Brand: you can go to the Internet to find the history of the company's growth, from these data can be

a clear understanding of how the company's reputation, so as to understand the stability of the machine,

the main service is what.



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