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BGA rework station repair points

BGA rework station repair points


About BGA rework station repair chip, I from the process about this problem:


Chip.BGA are classified as lead and lead-free, has lead to the melting point is 183 degrees, melting point

lead-free is 217 degrees, so when the machine temperature and modify the temperature curve to in its

melting point and 20-30 degrees, this is the actual measurement of temperature, which is the basic,

only temperature requirements have been met, behind the repair is easy.


Machine performance standards, otherwise it can not guarantee the qualified rate, the temperature

difference between the four corners of the upper mouth is not too large, 5 degrees within the best within

10 can accept, this is a judgment machine performance of a standards. There is also the temperature of

the bottom and the upper part of the temperature is also to be controlled within 10, otherwise it will cause

the board deformation or blistering.


Is some of the operating techniques on the issue, the board to put a stable, we must support the good,

BGA chip to a good position, can not offset too much, can not exceed 1/3.



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