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Bga rework station temperature Settings

Bga rework station temperature Settings


1.Lead-free preheating zone temperature heating rate control in commonly 1.2 ~ 5 ℃ / s (in seconds),

preheating zone generally does not exceed 160 ℃ temperature, heat preservation area in 160 ~ 190 ℃,

temperature control and flow area, peak temperature control in commonly 235 ~ 245 ℃, and the

temperature at 10 ~ 45 seconds time, and from the rising to the peak temperature time should be

maintained at about one and a half to two minutes.


2.Leaded solder paste melting point is 183 degrees, and lead-free is 217 degrees. That is to say, when

the temperature reached 183 degrees, leaded solder paste is beginning to melt, melting point due to

the chemical characteristics of the actual beads will be higher than that of solder paste.


3.Machine knowledge:

                                     1.Widely used: Upper air and lower dark infrared,

                                     2.Three temperature zone model: The upper air and the lower part of the lower

                                        air and the dark infrared,

                                     3.Red appearance: Upper infrared + lower dark infrared.

Main points: Different types of products of its heating mode, the use of different settings of the

                      temperature program.



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