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Cell phone screen repair need to use the machine

Cell phone screen repair need to use the machine


Fully bonded equipment
Do the necessary equipment in full lamination screen separator - vacuum defoaming machine,

laminating machine, air compressor.

The role of the main separator is separated liquid crystal and the cover plate, through heating and heating

the glue has softened, and then through the wire cover plate and a liquid crystal separation down.

Vacuum laminating machine is the core part of the whole fitting, laminating machine is the main function of

the liquid crystal and the cover plate fit together, in the choice of vacuum laminating machine is the key to

the whole screen.

Defoaming machine is high pressure will cover the residual bubble squeezed out by means of fitting residual

bubbles, so in selling defoaming machine when they need to pay attention to the defoaming machine cylinder

thickness, in the choice of defoaming machine when try to choose a thick cylinder, good quality in addition to

bubble machine.

Air compressor doing screen is essential, because most of the devices are pneumatic products and need to

drive air compressor, laminating machine, with the exception of bubble machine, laminating machine, pressure

machine bracket devices need to use air compressor.


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