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Comparative advantages of welding units and an electric iron

Comparative advantages of welding units and an electric iron

1, comparing the efficiency relatively high temperature welding efficiency, thermal efficiency can reach

about 80%, electric soldering iron can generally be 50% on the good.

2, energy consumption comparison, constant temperature welding table energy consumption is relatively

low, because to adjust the good temperature, not in the heating, the corresponding energy consumption

is low, that is to say, the same welding effect, less power;

3, back to temperature comparison, the return temperature of the welding machine is faster, the

corresponding working efficiency of the workers is higher;

4, supplies life compared welding station temperature control, not unlimited increase, so iron head of

life and a heating core has a long service life.

5, safety comparison, the handle voltage of the welding platform is only 24 volts AC, which belongs to

the safety voltage, generally does not appear the phenomenon of electric shock;

6, anti-static, anti-static pad has the function, but not the general electric iron.


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