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Failure analysis of BGA welding

Failure analysis of BGA welding


1, bad phenomenon BGA body welding reliability is poor, the use of force can be pulled up, a serious

cause of bad products;


2, may cause analysis:

1.PCB surface coating treatment on wettability of tin lead to bad, bad;
2.reflow solder and lead to improper setting, PCB without humidification;


3, the fundamental cause failure analysis:


1.PCB analysis of BGA PAD surface

2.Analysis of surface BGA fall off

3.The analysis of other PCB PAD falling off the surface of the surface

4.PCB analysis of other PAD surface


4, conclusion analysis


1, from the microscopic observation on the effect of tin material (normal material pad and solder

completely miscible) and eliminate the material paste problem;
2, from the analysis of reflow curve, curve from the heating constant temperature welding (welding

from the normal cooling curve, high temperature), but will not lead to such bad welding phenomenon;


Conclusion: from the above analysis results can be determined, the material and the PCB pad basic no

wetting, leading to the main side due to poor surface treatment of PCB, the PCB process should plating

NI/AU, in the PCB industry often bad plating and cleaning process, resulting in SMT solder wetting bad,

from the bad phenomenon initially concluded that, re PCB by PCB Factory is cleaned, can improve the

wet this undesirable phenomenon;



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