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First IPhone6 A8 cpu replanting

First IPhone6 A8 cpu replanting


Today received a IPhone6 ​​water machine, power failure occurs for a data line, the guests had described

the water, get out repairs but not fix it

Start Repair:

First, re-brush system software solutions, found that when the computer hardware discovery, a mobile

phone Apple icon appears, the phone will not enter the progress bar interface, computers and other

end appeared a long time before 4013, open the shield demolished the entire board after found that

the water is not serious, the baseband signal no part of the water signs, so start from 4013

Second, remove the hard drive to solve the 4013 problem, split the first hard disk, hard disk with 300

degrees removed, small sealed plastic bottom, pay attention to the feet out, removed the hard drive

and then brush again, see if you can enter a progress bar, but the result remains the same, then think

of failure as in the past a little bad 4Swifi cause failure, so the wifi is also removed, there is wifi sealant,

280 degrees can be removed, painted machine, repeated brush a few times, there has been 400,540,

134,014, I do not need to go resolved, repair Apple knows 40,054,014 is CPU issue! Since the phone

has been out repair, welding power supply section is blown over, it is estimated to blow A8cpu Weld,

the final decision demolition A8

Third, replanting A8 insulation paper to first take a good sim card package, in order to avoid financial

blow! Demolition A8, be sure to remove the layer by layer, remember to remove the whole, the whole

removed, uneven temperature, can easily lead to the motherboard and cpu break! No pictures here,

such as the need to learn in addition to plastic and demolition cpu method, see my IPhone5 replanting

A6 CPU and detailed with FIG.


IPhone6 A8


Installed, do not rush to dress the upper layer, the first folder to see the power supply current, normal,

connected to the computer with a hard disk, most need to enter DFU mode only available on-line, on-line

OK, and then loaded the top!

IPhone6 A8


IPhone6 A8


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