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Graphics BGA replanting the maintenance of chip level

Graphics BGA replanting the maintenance of chip level


Has been in the field of maintenance, especially laptop because of laptop motherboard integration is high,

so the maintenance difficulty coefficient is bigger. Especially in the face of the BGA encapsulation format

IC chip, does make a lot of maintenance personnel, in the official vendor pits with advanced BGA equipment,

oven reconstruction of plant level, must to repair. But many laptops in after the warranty is unable to get

service like this, unless to expensive maintenance cost, now a lot of the people have power maintenance

company also can BGA surgery, so we have to show you the process.


Operation of raw materials is the author of the IBM ThinkPad T42 motherboard, familiar with TP knows that,

due to the original question design problems and chip, T4X series model of graphics and occurrence of

prone to virtual welding problems, show the screen, crash, serious even not boot. For solution of this

problem is the chip to welding on the main board of the solder, due to the north, graphics card, the

occurrence of such chips are used the BGA welding way, only in BGA equipment blow the chips down,

again, balls and then welding, in general, there is a risk in the process, the causes of risks is generally bad

equipment, temperature control, chip due to bad health. Here we'll look at the concrete operation process.


First look at the equipment, which is a BGA device, although with manufacturer of professional large BGA

device is worse, but its response to notebook motherboard can still IC chip welding. Do BGA can put the

motherboard is fixed on the welding table, next to the base of the can set temperature, so that you can

control the chip, the temperature of the heating, protect the chip and the mainboard.


Put the motherboard in BGA welding platform, fixed, and then the hot air (or infrared sensor to replace the

chip, after reach a certain temperature, the inside of the tin beads to melt, can chip off with a pair of tweezers.

S above images is to remove the graphics chips, T42 ATI graphics chip 7500, 32 MB video memory, you can

see this is a through glue processing of mainboard, that is to say, between the motherboard and graphics

chips at the time of welding with a layer of glue, play a fixed role, but also appears the virtual welding

problems. Take the chips down, want to use soldering iron to remove residual of tin, balls again. Also

should handle the bonding pad on the main clean, and check the presence of bolt, timely repair.


Such as after balls can put chip on good bonding pad position is good, then use BGA machine heating, set

temperature, after a period of time can put the chip to welding on the main board, after its cooling, can

insert diagnostic card point under the motherboard to see first.


Diagnostic card finally go to 605 c, everything is normal, the graphics chips has been normal work. To display,

boot, smoothly into the splash screen, no longer flower screen. The graphics card has to work properly,

BGA success.


The same in the whole process of BGA engineer, did not do any rework, actually in folk maintenance BGA,

due to various reasons, can appear sometimes BGA failure phenomenon, once appear, BGA failure also

don't try so hard, because on the premise of attention, again carries on the BGA can be successful,

because BGA can be repeated, as long as experienced maintenance engineers, and careful.


Currently on the market, because laptop chipset, occurrence, graphics chips, such as virtual welding or

damage, and can't boot is not now the maintenance station equipment, the level of maintenance personnel

also uneven, and the BGA repair charge 300 yuan or so commonly, or more expensive, everyone in the future

when making such maintenance must first look at the equipment of the maintenance station, whether to

have strength to undertake, but also with maintenance businesses speak good warranty time, try to talk

about 3 months. In general, want to choose the maintenance of large businesses, can generally be successful,

this laptop can restore youth, continue to host services.



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