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How to use OCA screen press machine pressure to make good screen

How to use OCA screen press machine pressure to make good screen


OCA pressure screen machines have become critical phone screen repair essential goods, maintenance

market pressure on the entire screen is also a wide variety of machines, how to pick and identify a good

pressure screen machines? How do screen by press-screen machines made out of the screen is the

perfect anti-bubble without it?


1, how to choose a good pressure screen machines, the first is to choose a strong bonding machine

manufacturers, is to choose the best size of the company's own factory great, the machine parameters

of each business has every business parameter general use in laminating machine temperature is 40

degrees on the can. Other parameters can be selected according to the pressure screen machines set.


2,Bubble machine is a lot to do a screen listing the most overlooked detail, in addition to the details of

the relationship between the bubble machine to make success of the screen, in addition to the

bubble machine temperature is generally set at 30-40 degrees, the temperature is too high are prone

bubbles rebound. In addition to working pressure bubble machine is preferably between 5--8MPA.

The best is between 6-7MPA. In addition to lack of work pressure bubble machine 5MPA will result in

the removal of air bubbles is not clean, residue, etc. will not be removed, too much pressure will also

cause the bubble to rebound more.


3,The most important element is the OCA adhesive. The whole key is the quality of glue do the screen,

poor quality adhesive used, glue impurities will be more, in addition to the more presence of bubbles

after the bubble reception, when selecting OCA glue try to choose good quality, thickness preferably

200um-250um, the pressure used in the screen when the machine encountered a lot of friends in the

bubble rebound first time will think is the problem OCA pressure screen machines, in fact, is a small

part of the machine, the more important is the OCA dry gum and do screen manipulation problems

do also need to pay attention to the screen is rubberized way.



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