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Key to the success of hot air BGA welding

Key to the success of hot air BGA welding


Key to the success of BGA welding:


1, the temperature characteristics of lead-free solder lead solder (solder or solder paste) to understand

2, the establishment of accurate temperature curve, master the time.

3, with the right wind mouth. Because the principle of the hot air BGA welding is to use the wind nozzle to

the BGA chip in the inside, forming an independent return welding space, the air nozzle is very important,

the direct impact of the BGA welding quality.

4, the quality of planting the ball, hand ball planting because the return is not very good, planting the ball

when the temperature is a little cause solder ball volume collapse does not mean that this will affect the

quality of the weld. If possible, make a return with the table. A digital timer, a temperature controller, a cast

aluminum heating plate, a shell and the cover can be.

5, the choice of flux. The general differential flux and temperature not to welding will evaporate, until the

reflow soldering 225 degrees when almost no soldering function. It is possible to choose a good paste.


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