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LCD Screen required consumables

LCD Screen required consumables


Explosion screen needed supplies:
In the process of using machines needed supplies:

1, wire: a high intensity, very fine wire, mainly used for the separation between the glass cover and the

LCD screen.

2. Cleaning: the removal of the cover above the LCD screen and the residual glue, for example: the day that

water, white petrol, alcohol, 530, etc.

3. In addition to glue: specifically used to remove stubborn glue solution, the effect is very good, but need

to pay attention to safety when used.

4. Blade: scraped the excess glue from the LCD screen, the use must be a blade in a plane,

5. position of mold: popular mobile phone with a set of specialized mold can improve the accuracy of position,

general models can be hand carried to the cabinet position.

6. Clean cloth: used to wipe clean good LCD screen, the process will not wipe any dirt residues.

7. Cover: for the replacement of old or have broken cover.

8. Stand: The important thing is for the Apple iPhone mobile phone, pay attention to the size of the model

using the

9. polarized: when we separate screen will occasionally damage polarized, so under normal circumstances,

if the damage we need to update a new polarization.

10. Adhesive: Commonly known as: oca rubber, mainly used for bonding between supplies, it belongs to the

nature of the double-sided adhesive, glue main Note the size,

11. Conductive Silver: We split the screen in the process of some models we will destroy the original machine

static systems, so the need for repair.


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