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Laminating machine: explosion screen maintenance skills

Laminating machine: explosion screen maintenance skills






Manual screen cutting, we should first take a look at the degree of fragmentation of screen cover,

is suggested to be first sticky tape, ensure that cutting separator suction to suck the screen, tape

should be comprehensive coverage, and can not have a bubble. Then by cutting lines Jin Qiao from

the top left of the screen cut, pull left and right, until cable position back cut, back and forth twice

before cutting cable location area, so as to ensure the screen are not easy to be damaged.




glue cleaning


Through the glue removal machine copper head blade heating shovel glue, pay attention to the main

points are: machine handle pressure height can adjust oneself to adjust their most comfortable and

most has the feel of height, there is the blade place need to in the view of balance, if the tilt angle, the

need to re adjust. Otherwise, the screen will damage. What is glue machine push plate each have to pay

attention to the placement of the screen and screen presence placed there after bumps. The change of

the blade loss of use, the blade is not sharp when replacing the blade in a timely manner.







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