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Laptop chip level maintenance secret BGA

Laptop  chip level maintenance secret BGA


Laptop  has now become a popular product, the hands of a personal user Laptop retains the quantity

also many, so Laptop fault nature also, in the warranty period maintenance user naturally do not have to

worry about, looking for sale can be resolved, but some after holding Laptop user will have to dig their

silver to repair, but meet chip level maintenance, especially BGA chip replanting, many friends will feel at a

loss, and maintenance businesses offer is relatively high, today the author to uncover the mysterious veil.

Say the process of the BGA of the Laptop repair.


BGA chip replanting


(Note: the full set of picture borrows the advance science and Technology Forum in BGA repair picture,

the ownership of copyright forward science and technology forum all) a IBM ThinkPad R51, performance

for external mouse can not use, USB, and other equipment is the Southbridge chip control, so the judge

Southbridge chip damage, to do BGA chip replanting.


BGA chip replanting


The first is natural to disassemble, remove the motherboard. First BGA instrument to heat the chip.

The picture is the infrared heating mode, can put down the perfect South Bridge chip.


BGA chip replanting


BGA equipment is also used in the microcontroller program control, the picture is the Engineer in the

set temperature curve.


BGA chip replanting


The south bridge chip was finally taken down. We can see the board on the chip pad is bare.


BGA chip replanting


After the first to remove the chip pads on the motherboard Southbridge extra clean tin.


BGA chip replanting


In fact, the New South Bridge chip, such as chip cost is not high, ranging from 40-100, but with the

workmanship is expensive.


BGA chip replanting


In fact, this is the beginning of reheating, the New South Bridge chip and then soldered to the motherboard.

The customers lack the Southbridge chip itself Zhi Xizhu may Southbridge chip has planted good solder the,

so this set of images without this step. But it is very important to plant chip solder. The quality of the process

determines whether the BGA is successful or not. The temperature control is very important when the chip

and the chip are welded. Temperature control is not good can directly lead to BGA failure.


The BGA is completed, the New South Bridge chip is installed on the motherboard.


BGA chip replanting


Repair personnel to install the motherboard back to the Laptop.


BGA chip replanting


Smooth start, test stability, all OK, BGA success.


Above process is the process of BGA repair, BGA success key is to look at equipment and maintenance

personnel experience or technology, BGA equipment in the factory is very expensive, but in the personal

maintenance of the device is simple, so BGA has a successful rate of BGA design, the basic infrared or

hot air two ways, basically as long as there is a more rich experience in BGA can do, so the vast number

of users in the maintenance of such a maintenance equipment and maintenance experience is to observe




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