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Phone screen full bonding technology

Phone screen full bonding technology


The so-called mobile phone screen full fitting is divided into three kinds of OGS TOL GFF OGS TOL two

is called a single glass solution is touch layer and protective glass together.The



technology is the screen and the protective glass and touch layer completely fit. To .If en bloc to protect

the glass and touch layer together, then the protection of glass strength will certainly not, so the

strengthening touch floor of a block, and then it is cut, but this touch layer next to may appear the edge

cracking, chipping, so it is necessary to strengthen again and again. This is a OGS single glass laminating.

Currently known, 3 meters 2 meters and most of the flagship models are used OGS full lamination




said OGS is strengthening first, then cutting. This TOL is easy to explain, TOL is the first to cut small pieces

of high intensity, then make a chunk, this strength is also higher than the strength of OGS. This is a small

but beautiful laminating technology. Although tol strength is higher than the OGS, but the crushed or

broken, in fact, just a process leading and process complex also resulted in tol production capacity is

not as good as OGS, so the vast majority of manufacturers still use OGS to meet their huge shipments.

The use of models Meizu MX3, daniel


GFF Glass + Film + Film

GFF this is full fit, the touch layer, between protection of glass that is real is glued together, although also

be full fit. Unfortunately, the middle more two layer touch layer, also is the film, which is the induction

layer, thus leading to the screen through the light and brightness to compromise. So this is a process

of the most simple, but also the highest yield, the lowest cost a full fitting solution, ratio of permeability

and the difficulty of process single glass is not at the same level. The use of models red rice Note Vivo,

glory 4X play version, Xpla

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